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Illinois Ambush

Youth Basketball Academy

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Sponsorship Program For Your Athlete

We know that obesity rates are on the rise, not only in adults, but in children too. Scientists/researchers say that your kids are the 1st generation that will have a shorter lifespan than their parents. As a new parent, those comments are troubling and they make me want to help anyone and everyone if possible! In an effort to increase the wellness with the players, parents, and communities we serve we are offering a new Sponsorship Program. This program is an opportunity to help your son or daughter play AAU within the Illinois Ambush Basketball Academy without paying a dime and a way for the entire family to get well.

The details of the program will be released if you show interest via email. The people who are interested and sign up will remain confidential. Let's just say your kids can play AAU for FREE and you/your family can get healthy along the way! Its a Win/Win for you and your family!

If you have any interest in your son or daughter being completely sponsored by myself, please email me for more information on the Sponsorship Program at [email protected]

Making a Difference!

Garrett Callahan